Sponsored research

Prof.Ch.Ramakrishna, Director

The University established a directorate of UGC affairs & research activities to assist the University system to have a liaison with various apex bodies especially the UGC and to promote inter-disciplinary and co-disciplinary research by coordinating with various funding agencies. Following are the functions of this directorate:

  • To guide and advice the University authorities regarding various funding resources for development of the University.
  • To suggest measures for improving existing infrastructural facilities both for academic and sponsored research and enhancing research ambiance.
  • To assist academic departments of the University to prepare research proposals for various funding agencies.
  • To coordinate between UGC and the University regarding funding of projects and other related matters.
  • To identify the areas of research with contemporary relevance and suggest the faculty to undertake multidisciplinary projects.
  • To monitor and review research activities and suggest measures for improvement if necessary.
  • To promote industrial collaborations involving active and mutually beneficial R & D projects.

Ever since this directorate was established, it has been making all round efforts in promoting research activities in the University, by motivating the faculty in various disciplines by providing the necessary guidance and required directions by creating conducive environment for undertaking productive research in the University.

This directorate maintains records of the inflow of funds, their proper utilization, upkeep of the documents, submission of utilization certificates to the funding agencies, etc. Further, the directorate provides information to the faculty members from time to time about the research opportunities, norms of funding agencies, maintenance of proper documentation, etc.

In addition to the above functions, the directorate also motivates the faculty to publish papers in high quality journals of international repute. The directorate forwards the research proposals submitted by the faculty of the University to various funding agencies and actively pursues the sanction and release of necessary grants for the implementation of the research schemes by the faculty of the University.

The mission of the directorate is to increase the quantity and quality of research in the University by advising on strategic research issues, major research areas to be focused on, research core facilities, general issues concerning research infrastructure, etc. The directorate gives high priority to research areas in which the University can achieve national and international pre-eminence which will substantively improve the research activities of the University and take them to the next level.

This directorate strives hard to address the issues of society at large, viz: natural calamities, climate change, food, agriculture, health care, renewable & non-renewable energy resources, anthropological, linguistics, human resources, defense etc through multi dimensional research in the University, as sponsored by various Govt funding agencies such as DST, UGC, DBT, MoES, DRDO, BARC, NABARD, ICMR, WNRF, ICPR etc, from time to time.

The University is committed to provide excellence in fundamental, applied research as well as development of innovative technologies for the future. Directorate of UGC affairs & research activities serves as the co-ordinating center for externally funded research and sponsored projects.

With the efforts, the University has in record that many stalwarts, renowned scientists, distinguished academicians and great multi faceted personalities from all over the country & overseas have visited our campus and interacted with our faculty & researchers to ignite and to have a high sense of motivation towards research.