Future plans of the center

Strengthen the nano technology infrastructure and research activities at GITAM University with state of the art facilities for nano technology research.

Facilitate construction of a 10,000 sq.ft nano technology building with all the required amenities to house the nano technology centre facilities.

Create technically sophisticated manpower for nano technology research, engineering and manufacturing.

Enabling a large number of doctoral students to conduct their research work in the nano technology centre.

Creating a suite of courses for graduate level teaching of nano technology, and admitting master is and doctoral students to this programme one that would have a strong experimental research component.

Setting up an inter-University co-operative programme in which graduate students and leading researchers from other Universities can come and take courses & do their research projects in the facility created.

Running summer course in nano technology for other University teachers and industry professionals. Network with other agencies, institutions, national labs and industry working in the area of nano technology.