Future plans of the centre

  • Provide facility to test stressed specimens under compression.
  • Conduct of workshop on blast-resistant structures.
  • Provide facility to test stressed beams.
  • Collaboration with CBRI to undertake joint research.
  • Offer consultancy services for the design of fire and blast-resistant structures.
  • Offer certificate programmes on the fire-resistant design of structures.
  • Undertake extensive research to produce fire-resistant concrete.
  • Create facilities for testing fire-rated doors as per IS 3614 part 2.
  • Create facilities for testing fire extinguishers as per IS 15683:2006.
  • Prepare a manual for health assessment of fire-affected concrete structures.
  • Develop new technology for the improvement of thermal comfort in habitats.
  • Develop codal provisions for assessment of fire resistance of structures suitable for Indian conditions.