S.No.Date of PublicationInstitute(s) Month & Year of ExaminationProgram ParticularsLast date for Revaluation/ Retotalling
117-Apr-2017 Management March 2017 MBA, CMU, MHRM II Trimester Supplementary, IMBA XIth Trimester Supplementary Examinations NA
227-Mar-2017 Technology Nov 2016 B.Tech I,III,V and VII Re-Valuation NA
325-Mar-2017 GIM Feb 2017 MBA, CMU, MHRM V Trimester Supplementary, IMBA XIVth Trimester Supplementary Examinations,PGDRIM Ist Semester Regular NA
422-Mar-2017 Management Nov 2016 UnderGraduate Regular & Supplementary Revaluation I,III and V semesters(2014-2015),I and III semesters(2015-2016) and I semester(2016-2017).
506-Mar-2017 Technology November/December 2016 M.Tech I & III Semester Regular & Supplementary Examinations
602-Mar-2017 GIM Nov 2016/Jan 2017 MBA, CMU, MHRM II Trimester Regular & Supplementary, MA(APS)I,III Semester Regular & Supplementary and IMBA 11th Trimester Regular & Supplementary Examinations
702-Mar-2017 HBS Dec 2016/Jan 2017 MBA II,V Trimester Regular & Supplementary Examinations
802-Mar-2017 SMS Jan 2017 MBA II Trimester Regular Examinations
917-Feb-2017 Management January 2017 IMBA, BBA(Hons.) & BBM II & V Semester Supplementary Examinations. 25-Feb-2017
1009-Feb-2017 Science November 2016 Int.M.Sc. I,III & V Semester, B.Sc.(Hons.)(Chemistry) I Semester Revaluation
1108-Feb-2017 Technology November 2016 B.Tech+M.Tech IX Semester Regular & Supplementary Examinations
1208-Feb-2017 Management December 2016 MBA, CMU, MHRM V Trimester Regular & Supplementary, IMBA 14th Trimester Regular & Supplementary Examinations
1308-Feb-2017 BSMS December 2016 BSMS: MBA V Trimester Regular Examinations
1407-Feb-2017 Science November 2016 BCA & BEM I,III & V Semester Revaluation/Re-totaling
1507-Feb-2017 Pharmacy November 2016 B.Pharmacy I,III,V & VII Semester Revaluation
1604-Feb-2017 Pharmacy November 2016 M.Pharmacy I & III Semesters Examinations
1731-Jan-2017 Science November 2016 M.Sc.(All Branches) I & III Semesters, Int.M.Sc.(BT) VII & IX Semesters Examinations
1825-Jan-2017 Management November 2016 UnderGraduate(UG-Except BA(SS)-Ist Semester) I, III & V Semester Regular & Supplementary Examinations. 27-Jan-2017
1925-Jan-2017 Management November 2016 BA(SS) I Semester Regular & Supplementary Examinations. 02-Feb-2017
2025-Jan-2017 Management November 2016 IMBA,BBA(Hons.),BBM , VIII trimester Supplementary Examinations. 02-Feb-2017
2120-Jan-2017 Science November 2016 MCA I,III & V Semester Regular and Supplementary Examinations
2208-Jan-2017 Architecture October/November 2016 B.Arch I, III, V & VII Semesters Regular & Supplementary Results. 23-Jan-2017
2329-Dec-2016 Technology November 2016 B.Tech (CBCS) I & III Semesters Regular & Supplementary Results. 18-Jan-2017
2427-Dec-2016 Technology November 2016 B.Tech (Non CBCS) I, III, V & VII Semesters Regular & Supplementary Results. 18-Jan-2017
2517-Dec-2016 Science November 2016 B.Sc. (Hons.) Chemistry I Semester Regular Examinations. 31-Dec-2016
2609-Dec-2016 Science November 2016 B.Sc.(Physical Science) I Semester Regular Examinations. 22-Dec-2016
2709-Dec-2016 Pharmacy November 2016 B.Pharmacy I, III, V & VII Semesters Regular & Supplementary Examinations. 22-Dec-2016
2807-Dec-2016 Science November 2016 BCA,BEM,IMSc(Bio Technology) and IMSc(Chemistry) I, III and V Semester Regular and Supplementary Examinations. 22-Dec-2016
2905-Dec-2016 Management November 2016 MBA,MBA(CMU) & MHRM I and IV Trimesters and IMBA X & XIII Trimesters Supplementary Examination Results.
3005-Dec-2016 BSMS November 2016 MBA I Trimester Supplementary Examination Results.
3102-Dec-2016 GIMSR November 2016 1st MBBS Supplementary Results
3205-Nov-2016 HBS September/October 2016 MBA I & IV Trimesters Regular & Supplementary Examination Results.
3305-Nov-2016 BSMS September/October 2016 MBA I & IV Trimesters Examination Regular Results
3405-Nov-2016 Management September/October 2016 MBA,MBA(CMU) & MHRM I Trimesters Regular & Supplementary and IMBA X Trimester - Examination Results.
3531-Oct-2016 Management September 2016 MBA,MBA(CMU) & MHRM IV Trimesters and IMBA XIII Trimester Examination Results.
3627-Oct-2016 Management September 2016 BBM,IMBA I, IV & VII Trimester Supplementary, MBA & MHRM IV Trimester Supplementary Examinations. 10-Nov-2016
3717-Oct-2016 GIMSR August 2016 Re-totaling Results of 1st MBBS Examinations.
3803-Oct-2016 Management September 2016 M.Sc (Applied Psychology) Special Drive Examinations
3903-Oct-2016 Management August 2016 PGDRIM II Semester Examinations.
4023-Sep-2016 Technology September 2016. M.Tech Special Drive Examinations
4123-Sep-2016 Science September 2016 M.Sc. Special Drive Examinations
4216-Sep-2016 GIMSR August 2016 1st MBBS Results
4331-Aug-2016 Technology August 2016 B.Tech Special Drive Examinations
4406-Aug-2016 Science July 2016 M.Sc(All Branches) and MCA Special Examinations
4503-Aug-2016 Management July 2016 MBA,MBA(CMU),MHRM III Trimester and IMBA XII Trimester Supplementary Examinations.
4630-Jul-2016 Technology April 2016 B.Tech II,IV and VI ReValuation(2013-14,2014-15 and 2015-16 Admitted Batches Only).
4720-Jul-2016 Pharmacy June 2016 B.Pharmacy Special Examinations Examinations.
4820-Jul-2016 Science June 2016 BCA and BEM Special Examinations Examinations.
4920-Jul-2016 Architecture June 2016 B.Arch Special Examinations.
5020-Jul-2016 Management June 2016 BBM,IMBA,BBA_Hons and MBA Special Examinations and Betterment Examinations
5120-Jul-2016 HBS June 2016 MBA Special Examinations
5220-Jul-2016 Technology June 2016 B.Tech Special Examinations and Betterment Examinations
5307-Jul-2016 Technology April 2016 M.Tech II Semester Examinations.
5415-Jun-2016 Science April 2016 M.Sc II and IV Semesters, IM.Sc(BT) VIII and X Semesters and MCA II,IV and VI Semesters Examinations.
5511-Jun-2016 Technology April 2016 B.Tech (12-13 and earlier batches only-PDF Format) Revaluation. 15-Jun-2016
5610-Jun-2016 Technology April 2016 B.Tech (12-13 and earlier batches only) Revaluation 15-Jun-2016
5708-Jun-2016 Management April 2016 BBM,IMBA,BBA_Hons and BCom_Hons II Semester Supplementary Examinations. 15-Jun-2016
5802-Jun-2016 Management April 2016 MA(APS) II Semester Examinations.
5931-May-2016 BSMS April 2016 MBA III Trimester Examinations.
6028-May-2016 Management April 2016 UG II Semester and PG III Trimester Examinations. 04-Jun-2016
6128-May-2016 Management April 2016 BBM,IMBA III Trimester Supplementary, BBM,IMBA,BBA_Hons,BCom_Hons IV Semester, BBM, IMBA VI Trimester Supplementary and BBA_Hons IX Trimester Examinations. 04-Jun-2016
6223-May-2016 Architecture April 2016 B.Arch II,IV,VI and VIII Semesters Examinations. 28-May-2016
6321-May-2016 Technology April 2016 B.Tech II,IV,VI and VIII Semesters Examinations. 28-May-2016
6411-May-2016 Science April 2016 BCA,BEM,IMSc(Bio Technology) and IMSc(Chemistry) II, IV and VI Semester Regular and Supplementary Examinations. 26-May-216
6507-May-2016 Pharmacy April 2016 B.Pharmacy II, IV, VI and VIII Semester Regular and Supplementary Examinations. 23-May-2016
6605-May-2016 Management April 2016 MBA/MHRM VI Trimester and IMBA XV Trimester EXAMINATIONS
6726-Mar-2016 Technology November 2015 M.Tech I Semester Examinations.
6802-Mar-2016 HBS December 2015 MBA II Trimester Regular Examinations.
6917-Feb-2016 Management December 2015 BBM, IMBA and BBA_Hons II, V and VIII Supplementary and VIII Regular Examinations. 03-Mar-2016
7016-Feb-2016 Science November/December 2015 M.Sc (All Branches), MCA and IMSc(Chemistry) I Semester Examinations. 03-Mar-2016
7116-Feb-2016 Architecture November/December 2015 B.Architecture I,III,V and VII Semester Examinations. 03-Mar-2016
7216-Feb-2016 Technology November 2015 M.Tech III Semester Examinations.
7306-Feb-2016 Technology November 2015 B.Tech IX Semester Examinations.
7406-Feb-2016 Management November 2015 IMBA, BBA(BA),B.Com(Hons),BBA(MA),BA(SS) and BBA I Tri/Sem Examinations. 20-Feb-2016
7506-Feb-2016 Management November 2015 B.Com(Hons),BBM,IMBA and BBA(Hons) III and I Supply Tri/Sem Examinations. 20-Feb-2016
7628-Jan-2016 Science December 2015 BCA, BEM and Int M.Sc(BT) I Semester Examinations. 10-Feb-2016
7728-Jan-2016 Pharmacy December 2015 B.Pharmacy I Semester Examinations. 10-Feb-2016
7807-Jan-2016 Technology December 2015 B.Tech I Semester Examinations. 22-Jan-2016
7930-Dec-2015 Technology November/December 2015 B.Tech (III, V and VII) Regular and (I,III,V and VII)Supplementary Examinations. 12-Jan-2016
8018-Dec-2015 Management October 2015 MBA (CMU) - I Trimester, Examinations (AB 2015-16)
8118-Dec-2015 Management October 2015 MBA(HRM)-I Trimester, Examinations (AB 2015-16)
8218-Dec-2015 Management October 2015 MBA-I Trimester Examinations(2015-16 AB)
8318-Dec-2015 BSMS October 2015 MBA-I Trimester Examinations(2015-16 AB)
8408-Dec-2015 Pharmacy November 2015 B.Pharmacy III, V and VII Semesters Examinations. 23-Dec-2015
8508-Dec-2015 Science November 2015 BCA and BEM III and V Semesters, IMSc(BT) III and V Semesters and IMSc(Chemistry) III Semester Examinations. 23-Dec-2015
8623-Nov-2015 Management September 2015 GIM: BBM,IMBA and BBA_HONS I,IV and VII trimesters and IMBA XIII trimester (Regular and Supply) Examination Results. 04-Dec-2016
8714-Nov-2015 BSMS September 2015 BSMS: MBA IV Trimester Examination Results.
8805-Nov-2015 Management September 2015 MBA,MHRM IV Trimesters and IMBA XIII Trimester Examination Results.
8905-Nov-2015 HBS September 2015 MBA IV Trimester Examination Results.
9014-Oct-2015 Management September 2015 PGDRIM II Semester Examination Results.
9112-Oct-2015 Technology August 2015 M.Tech Special Examination Results Examinations.
9212-Oct-2015 Science August 2015 MSc, IMSc and MCA Special Examination Results Examinations.
9307-Sep-2015 Technology August 2015 B.Tech Special Drive Results Examinations.
9406-Aug-2015 Technology April 2015 M.Tech II Semester Results Examinations.