Infrastructural Facilities in the Department
Sl.NoName of the play fieldNature of play fieldNumber of play field available
1.Volley ball courtsClay3
 Volley ball courtswith flood lightsIndoor Wooden1
2.Basket ball courtsClay2
 Basket ball courts  with flood lightsIndoor Wooden1
3.Tennis courts with flood lightsSynthetic2
 Tennis courts with flood lightsClay2
4.Badminton courts with flood lightsIndoor Wooden4
5.Throw ball courtsClay2
6.Ball badminton courtsClay2
7.Kabaddi courtsClay2
8.Hand ball courtsClay1
9.Tennicoit courtsClay2
8.Kho-Kho fieldsClay2
9.Cricket fieldClay1
10.Foot ball fieldClay1
11.Cricket practice netsClay2
12.400 mts track& fieldClay1