About the Directorate 

The Directorate of Academic Affairs forms the ‘fundamental fulcrum of academics’ that oversees and navigates all the activities concerning UG, PG and research and development in GITAM. The Directorate caters to the intellectual development and academic enrichment of students. It provides support and guidance to the research scholars in terms of equipping them with all the necessary information that contributes to successful completion of their research work.

The Directorate also gives the much needed faculty support, and supervise the general policies and regulations of research. The gamut of research activities at GITAM is extensive and profound. GITAM has about 1100 M,Phil. and Ph,D. scholars and around 300 candidates register annually for M.Phil./ Ph.D, programmes at all the three campuses of GITAM.

To advance the academic mission of GITAM, the following responsibilities are administered and carried out by the Directorate:

  • Preparation of Academic Calendar
  • Facilitating Academic Council Meeting
  • Facilitating Board of Research Meeting
  • Lateral Admissions
  • Discontinuation of students
  • Research admissions and Regulations
  • Ph.D Theses Evaluation
  • Introduction of New Programmes/Courses/Interdisciplinary Courses
  • Maintenance of Research Ethics etc.
Tel: 0891-2840465; Fax: 0891-2795311