Centre for learning and sustainability

(Centre for Academic Excellence)

The center for learning & sustainability started operating from 2010. The objective of the learning centre is to facilitate all cadres at the GITAM University with organizational learning, performance, and change through organized (formal and informal) interventions, initiatives and management actions for the purpose of enhancing the organization’s performance, competitive readiness and renewal. The center also aims in engaging the faculty members in a learning mode and to train them in latest educational technologies and trends.

A critical component of Innovative teaching and learning environment is sustainability: the process begins before students enters and continue at all subsequent levels of the faculty member career.

The sustainability objective is to maintain a delicate balance between the human need to improve life styles and feeling of well being on the one hand and preserving resources takes care of three aspects – the employees, university and community at large. Objectives:

  • Play a key role in strengthening a learning – centered campus culture leading to student success
  • Advance new teaching and learning initiatives that impact student success
  • Support the implementation of newly adopted technologies and support faculty members at various levels of use and experience
  • Blend the application of technology tools with teaching and learning methodologies and pedagogies
  • Provide faculty members or academic units an opportunity to provide inputs into the programme design
  • Develop best practices in assessment, active learning, new instructional delivery modes
  • Develop and administer an annual faculty survey to compile demographics, to identify trends in faculty development needs
  • Develop into an adaptive learning (i.e. not just teaching) organization