Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management, popularly known as GITAM was founded in 1980 by an inspired group of eminent intellectuals and industrialists of Andhra Pradesh led by Dr.M.V.V.S.Murthi, former member of Parliament and popular Philanthropist .


Our Alumni which is spread world wide in various sectors both in technical & management tiers of rapid changing world includes IAS, IIM, CEO, Stanford University etc. in countries like USA, Australia, UK etc.


To become a global leader in higher education.


To impart futuristic and comprehensive education of global standards with a high sense of discipline and social relevance in a serene and invigorating environment.

Quality policy

To achieve global standards and excellence in teaching, research and consultancy by creating an environment in which the faculty and students share a passion for creating, sharing and applying knowledge to continuously improve the quality of education.

Our logo
gitam logo

The emblem underlines the basic philosophy reflecting the vision and mission of the University.

Logo colors
RGB : R=120, G=28, B=37
CMYK: C=120, M=28, Y=37, K=40

The three cardinal principles of the University – strive, serve, thrive - encapsulate the quintessence of human life, that is, it is only through striving for the purpose of serving that one can thrive well in life.

The kindling light with its bright rays represents the University and its many faculties of study spreading the entire universe. The light of knowledge is pure and can kindle million more lights, thus spreading the effulgence beyond horizons, dispelling the darkness of ignorance in the entire globe.

The unfathomable sea stands for the ocean of knowledge. The ocean represents the vast region of knowledge which the University strives to help all those who wish to master it.

The dolphins reflect friendliness, intelligence and unity. We are marching forward with the firm determination to remain at the forefront among top centers of learning, teaching and research.