Prof.M.S.Prasada Rao, Vice-Chancellor
Prof.K.Siva Rama Krishna, Pro Vice-Chancellor
Visakhapatnam campus
Prof.N.Siva Prasad, Pro Vice-Chancellor
Hyderabad campus
Prof.P.V.Sivapullaiah, Pro Vice-Chancellor
Bengaluru campus
Prof.M.Potharaju, Registrar
Directorate of Admissions
Prof.K.Narendra, Director
Directorate of Academic Affairs
Prof.K.M.Ch.Appa Rao, Director
Directorate of Evaluation
Prof.R.Yathiraj Kumar, Director
Directorate of IQAC
Prof.P.V. Nageswara Rao , Director
Directorate of Student Affairs
Prof.K.Veera Bhadram, Director
Directorate of Human Resources
Mr. S. Samba Murthy, Director
Directorate of UGC Affairs & Research Activities
Prof.Ch.Ramakrishna, Director
Directorate of Center for Learning & Sustainability
Prof.S.S.Prasada Rao, Director
Directorate of Foreign Student Affairs
Mr. K.P.C. Kishan, Director
Consultancy, Projects & Collaborations (C.P.C)
Prof. K.V.G.D.Balaji, Director
Centre for Advanced Technology Solutions(CATS)
Mr.G.Gopala Krishna, Chief Technology Officer
Press & Publications
Mr.P.Subrahmanyam, Deputy Director
Campus office
Mr.M.Rajendra Prasad, Chief Engineer